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Tracking Class


Tracking instruction takes place on Sunday mornings (weather & judging commitments permitting). It is an interesting and fun sport and anyone can have a go as long as they have a reasonable amount of control over their dog particularly around stock.

Tracking starts off at the Utility Dog (UD) level (which is the first of three levels in NZKC Working Trials) and UD is made up of different exercises across three areas (control, agility and scent). As with all levels of working trials, dog and handler must pass every exercise on the day if they wish to qualify.

Control consists of three exercises - Heel Free, Sendaway, Drop and Recall and Down Stay.

Agility also consists of three elements - Clear Jump, Scale Jump and Long Jump.

Finally Scent which is made up of two exercises - Seek Back and Leash Track.

As you can see there is quite a lot of training involved in working trials but don't let that put you off. Your training skills will improve as you trial many different ways to teach, improve, and fix every exercise and best of all you get to share this will your dog.

If you have decided you would love to give tracking a go please get in touch with Brian Robinson on 0274 441 535 and as the class instructor he will be able to give you all the information that you need to get started.

INSTRUCTOR (Brian Robinson)



I started with dog obedience at Avalon Canine Obedience Club in the 1980s and soon joined  the  Zone Trials and Agility clubs where I ran my Airedale and Siberian Husky in obedience, trials and agility competitions. 

Work and travel commitments saw me without dogs for a while but I did carry on agility judging; then a relocation to land in Taupo and Taupo Dog Training Club saw me with Mokai my farm beardie/huntaway who in June 2013 became a Working Trials Champion. A new whippet/heading x dog named Piri who is now only two TDX runs away from also being a Working Trials Champion now adds to my spectrum of different dogs. 

After retiring from agility judging I'm now on the NZKC working trials judging panel and enjoy seeing competitors improving on the many different exercises. 

At TDTC I hope you too can enjoy and improve with your dog: our instructors are there to help you and don't forget the practice!

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