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Agility Classes

You Want to Start Agility?

Foundation Agility 

Approx 10 Week Course

Suited to young dogs aged from 12 - 18 months or beginner dog or handlers.

Foundation Dog skills:

  • Re-Call - Dog must return to handler on command.
  • Follow - Dog will follow the handler off leash on either side.
  • Leading the dog - Dog follows the handlers focus. Handler must effectively change dog direction.
  • Dog Motivation - Handler is able to effectively warm up & motivate the dog.
  • Dog Focus - dog is focused on either the handler or the path ahead.
  • Dog demonstrates drive - to do agility and does not go for a sniff, a pee or chase the bunny in Owen Delany Park!
  • Lead outs - dog maintains a wait, until handler is in position and releases on command.

 Foundation Handler skills:

  • Handler uses the same commands. 
  • Body Language - Handler understands the correct positioning of hands and body to support and lead the dog without obstructing the dogs path. 
  • Start Line - Handler is able to line up the dog quickly & correctly for the sequence of obstacles ahead, and understand when a lead out is necessary or not.
  • Handler can execute a basic front and rear cross.

Foundation Jumping skills:

  • Bounce Jump, Stride Jump, Good Dog Jumping Action,
  • Dog has coordinated footwork to align for next jump.

Various Obstacles:

  • Effectively jumps the tyre, long jump, blind & standard hurdles, tunnels and contact gear at a low height.

Obstacle sequence:

  • Dog & handler can effectively navigate a short elementary style Jumpers course.

Novice Agility

Suited to dogs who have graduated from the foundation class and are beginning to compete. 

Syllabus: Starter / Novice modules and sequencing, encompassing more advanced handling techniques in a relaxed informal setting.

Competition Agility 

Suited to dogs who have graduated from the novice class and are competing.

Syllabus: Module based instruction at this level. Courses and handling sequences are more complex suited to Novice / Intermediate / Senior dogs & handlers.